Top 5 Christmas Surfing Destinations

It’s not too late to book a Christmas getaway at one of the world's top surfing destinations!

Choose from faraway, exotic destinations like Barbados, or stay closer to home at popular European destination The Algarve, in Portugal. Wherever you go, the winter sunshine and great waves will pick you up and boost your festive spirit.

Santa's surfing

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1. Barbados

With its clean turquoise waters, Barbados is a surfers' paradise. The eastern coast is more rugged, while the western side tends to be calmer and the south coast more developed. The island boasts unspoiled beaches, small fishing villages, a tropical rainforest and excellent surf.

Ideal for intermediate surfers in December, the air temperature is 26°C to 30°C - you can get away with wearing board shorts and a rash vest! Earning the top five-star rating on Surf Trip Finder, the best waves are the hollow right-hand ones that break over the shallow reef slab. To experience beautiful waves that are great for beginners, one of the best locations is Freights Bay, on the south coast.

This is one of the more expensive destinations, but I am sure most surfers would agree, it's defo worth it for the experience of a lifetime.


2. The Algarve, Portugal

The waves in The Algarve are ideal for intermediate surfers in December. It's hard to narrow it down to the best spot, as there are dozens, spanning from the border with the Alentejo province to the southwest tip of The Algarve in Sagres.

One of the best locations for intermediates and beginners is Arrifana, where the cliffs provide shelter from the wind. A full wetsuit is needed, as the air temperature is between 18°C and 22°C. The Surf Trip Finder site has given the region a star rating of four out of five.


3. Taghazout, Morocco

The best waves can be found at Panorama Beach, which is right on the doorstep of the hotel accommodation. It's a wide beach and has several peaks, so surfers of all levels can enjoy the fun. There are plenty of easy waves for beginners on the sand-bottom surfing spot.

As the air temperature at this time of year is 18°C to 26°C, a wetsuit is needed. The destination has been awarded a top rating of five stars on Surf Trip Finder, as it offers some great surf packages in December.


4. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

December is a great time to go surfing at Santa Teresa, where the weather's sunny and mild. With an average air temperature of 31°C, you'll need board shorts, rash guard, hat, reef boots and plenty of sunscreen. It's a great place for surfers of all abilities, but especially beginners.

The main beach in Santa Teresa is a surf haven. A long, sandy, white stretch of paradise features two main peaks, which at low tide is suitable for beginners. If you're looking for the perfect break outside town, check out Playa Carmen.

Santa Teresa receives a five-star rating on Surf Trip Finder.


5. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is frequently called the Hawaii of Europe, thanks to its laid-back surf culture, consistent waves all year round and 365 days of sunshine. The air temperature in December averages between 21°C and 26°C, so a spring suit or 2mm full suit will be required.

There are great waves for surfers of all abilities, including beginners. It receives a five-star rating on Surf Trip Finder and is home to the famous Boneyards - a great beginners' reef break near the Majanicho fishing village on the north shore.

There are mainly left-hand waves, but there's a shallower and faster right-hander too. If you're looking for December surfing destinations, Fuerteventura is a good option, because there are many different-facing beaches for variety.

Nothing can beat the winter blues like a Christmas surfing break. With fantastic weather and awesome waves, your festive holiday is just a plane ride away!


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