Surf's up this Christmas!

When surfing's your life, the magic of the ocean doesn't stop just because it's the festive season. In fact, for hundreds of surfers across the UK, it'll be a case of, "Surf's up this Christmas!" as the promise of mild weather is set to lure us outdoors and to the beach.

Christmas surfing

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Great weather conditions

Despite the long-range weather forecast in November suggesting we could be in for a white Christmas, more recent reports say it's highly unlikely. According to the Met Office, there may be around 6cm of snow in some areas of Scotland on Christmas Day. For the rest of the UK, it looks like we'll have it a lot milder.

The forecast for 25th December suggests an average temperature of around 40°F, with sunny intervals and a gentle breeze. The hottest part of the day will be between noon and 3pm. This is perfect surfing weather, so you could arrange your day around a trip to the beach.

There are plenty of coastal areas up and down the UK where you can surf - and with no major storms or weather fronts on the cards until January, you're likely to catch the perfect waves, while taking in some healthy fresh air. It might mean nipping out early, when the beach is quieter, to get an hour's surfing in before the beach starts to fill up.

Bigger swells are more common in the winter, as the UK has some of the cleanest and largest waves in Europe. Cornwall in particular has some of the best winter swells in Britain.


Keeping fit

Big swells can help you to improve as a surfer, while keeping you super fit. Ideal for practicing your paddling, you can give yourself a full body workout that you could never replicate in the gym.

Riding the winter waves means you're working all your upper body muscles harder than normal, especially when paddling. You may feel more tired at first, but you’ll soon start to notice a difference in your general fitness levels, and you’ll improve your surfing skills quicker.

Going surfing this Christmas can also help you to beat the blues. In winter, there's a shortage of sunlight, which can result in a lack of vitamin D and a low immune system. This has been proven to contribute towards joint problems and depression. Exposing yourself to any sunlight and being active can help combat these health issues. Exercise stimulates blood circulation and releases endorphins that can help lift your mood.


Doing something you enjoy

Christmas is all about doing things you enjoy, so hitting the beach for a spot of surfing fits the bill if you're lucky enough to live in a coastal area. A lot of people have Christmas dinner later in the day, so you can clear your head, work up an appetite and be back in plenty of time for the turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, Christmas pud and mince pies!


Time for reflection


Get the adrenaline pumping and collect your thoughts, as you enjoy a little time away from the rat race. This is your time, to do as you please, so you can say "hi" to fellow surfers if you want, or you can just enjoy the waves and the fresh air in tranquillity. Try Watergate Beach and St Ives Bay if you're searching for an empty haven to surf the waves uninterrupted.