Nigel Semmens

Thanks to 40 years of making surfboards, Nigel Semmens has honed his shaping skills to a fine art. His work in the shaping bay has been aided by his vast experience and achievements in the water - his credentials include 3 x English champ, 1 x British champ and a European title.

Throughout his career, Nigel has worked alongside the worlds best shapers in the industry, all the time learning and progressing to keep Ocean Magic at the forefront of design and material advancements. This knowledge gives the Ocean Magic factory the capability of producing the best boards that are reliable and durable.

Whether you're new to surfing or are up there with the very best, you'll find the right kind of board from this progressive brand. Focusing on fun and high quality, surfboards made at OM let you enjoy the waves and push the boundaries further.

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