Big Wave Guns

Big wave guns are designed for bigger waves. Many surfers will never surf in conditions where they can really appreciate this surfboard!

If you happen to be brave, you'll benefit from the extra length of the board, which usually ranges from 6ft 6ins to 10ft. Riding big waves on a small board can feel out of control, and it can be difficult to catch waves. Big wave guns are extra-thick, as well as extra-long and this combination helps the board feel secure when things get critical.

Precision-made by hand, the boards have a narrow nose and tail so that the rails have full contact with the water. Taking into account the unique characteristics of a big wave, they are specially made to make the board reliable.

To get the board as close to the speed of a breaking wave as possible, the surfer will need to paddle fast. The extra length and volume will help you knife into waves early enough to negotiate the drop, and to have a good amount of rail in the water when turning.

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