Due to a surge in interest worldwide, shortboards have developed significantly over the past few years, with a subsequent demand for innovative new shapes and designs. The days when the shortboard was merely a short surfboard with a few nominal changes to the tail and three fins have long gone. Today’s shortboard has different profiles, rocker lines, fin systems and tails.

Using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, Ocean Magic provides shortboards that have been precision-made by hand. Ideal for surfers who have surpassed the intermediate stage and who now require a smaller surfboard, shortboards allow you to turn tighter and faster on the face of the wave.

Once you're up, a shortboard allows you to move the board into and around the wave's critical sections more quickly. Shortboards are growing in popularity, as more surfers want the latest shapes used by progressive surfers and professionals.

Choosing the right one isn't easy. It is important to take into account the different shapes, fin set-ups and tail choices to ensure you get the design best suited to your needs. Consideration should be given to how often and where you'll be surfing, but you will also need to honestly assess your own abilities.

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