Particularly popular in the 1960s, longboards are one of the oldest types of surfboard around, although the shape and materials have changed considerably over the years. These boards made surfing famous!

Today's designs are geared up either for beginners or towards performance, with shapes and characteristics suited to their purpose. Each board is precision-made by hand to ensure a perfect finish.

The longboard is a popular shape for a surfboard because it works well in smaller waves. Its shape makes the board stable and paddling relatively easy. The board planes early and the rider can get to their feet with more confidence, although a slightly different riding style must be adopted.

Generally, a longboard is between nine and ten feet long and has thick rails and commonly a large central fin. When using a longboard, it will still turn as a result of its rail design, but the surfer needs to alter the area where they stand on the board to engage into a turn.

There are two main shapes for longboards: the traditional Malibu longboard, or the nose rider longboard, where the V-shape is flattened to adapt the board when the surfer is riding on the nose.

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