Keel Fin & Twin Fin

Keel fin and twin fin surfboards have been around for years. They are fish surfboards which first became popular in the mid to late 1970s. Today, they have moved on in many respects, in terms of modern profiles and bottom contours, yet they maintain a similar feel when you’re riding them.

Retro fish surfboards that were popular in the '80s are still around today and the twin fin board is a favourite choice. Fish boards are fast, encouraging the surfer to be aggressive in rail engagement. They are also fun to ride and come highly recommended by seasoned surfers.

Each board is precision made by hand and the keel fin and twin fin surfboards are traditionally short, flat and fast. Ideal for surfers who are moving on to a smaller board, they make a great learning platform. They are also useful for the intermediate surfer aiming to improve their wave speed.

The traditional fish surfboard with a two fin set up can be used on most waves, but they are most suited to smaller conditions. However, the modern interpretation of the retro design, the keel-fin surfboard will perform in small surf while also functioning well when the waves are hollow.

They help to improve wave riding skills. Once competent on a keel fin, the learnt skills can be adapted to a smaller surfboard, or to a board with a narrower tail.

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