Stars who Surf

Plenty of celebrities enjoy surfing, whether it's on holiday or as a hobby. Famous singers, actors, models, politicians and other public figures make the headlines every day for their work, but in their leisure time, they prefer to ride the waves.

Cameron DIaz

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1. Cameron Diaz

American actress, producer, author and entrepreneur Cameron Diaz, 49, is a keen surfer who has been photographed riding the waves on many occasions. Born in San Diego, California, she surfed with world champion Kelly Slater in Hawaii in 2007. According to media reports, Diaz has broken her nose four times due to surfing accidents!

In 2003, while surfing with her sister on Waikiki Beach, another surfer accidentally hit her in the face with his board. On another occasion, her nose was struck by a stray surfboard. She reportedly had reconstructive surgery. In an interview in Forbes magazine, Diaz joked her nose looked like a "train derailed" along it.


2. Lady Gaga

The American singer and actress Lady Gaga was first spotted surfing in Mexico in 2011. The 35-year-old New Yorker reportedly took some surfing lessons during a holiday. She was photographed riding the waves at Puerto Vallarta, a resort on the Pacific Ocean's Bahia de Banderas.

She was taking a break from promoting her single, You And I, when she took the lessons. According to onlookers, she "took to surfing really well" for a beginner. Beginning on a bodyboard; she then worked up to standing. She posted a picture on Twitter showing her standing on her surfboard with the caption, "Yeah, that's me."


3. Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 50, hits the surf regularly. A regular-footer, he has been spotted enjoying the waves at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, at Vancouver Island. The statesman, from Ottawa, has been pictured accompanied by his security staff, although they wait patiently on the beach.

He gets the most out of the swell at Canada's surfing capital, near Tofino, whenever he can. In April 2019, he was spotted surfing at the same location during a family Easter holiday. The district is renowned for its beautiful scenery and all-year-round surf.


4. Matthew McConaughey

American actor Matthew McConaughey, 52, who shot to fame in the 1993 coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused, had to learn to surf for the movie, Surfer Dude, in 2008. He played a surfer called Steve Addington, who experienced a crisis when there were no good waves for a month. The character sets off searching for waves along the California coast.

Despite the film not being a huge commercial success, McConaughey got hooked on surfing and has  carried it on in his leisure time.


5. Barack Obama

The former US President Barack Obama first showed off his bodysurfing skills in 2008 in Hawaii, when he was a candidate for the US presidency. Locals and tourists were thrilled to welcome him back during his term as president when he went on another surfing trip to Maui.

He was accompanied by Secret Service officials, who wore custom-made black wetsuit vests, official White House sunglasses and waterproof Bluetooth headsets. They rode the waves at either side of the president to prevent other surfers from riding alongside him.


6. Alessandra Ambrosio

After starting her modelling career at 15, when she landed a plum job as a model for top fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, Christian Dior and Chanel; Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, 40, is a keen surfer.

She surfs in Brazil whenever she can, posting pictures on her Instagram account of her adventures on the beaches of Florianopolis. She has been spotted riding a purple surfboard to match her purple one-piece swimsuit!


7. Prince William

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has been a regular surfer since childhood. He was first pictured with a bodyboard when he was 11 years old, back in 1993.

The Prince was spotted on a surfing trip with younger brother Harry in July 2012 during a weekend break to Polzeath in Cornwall. He even incorporated surfing into his stag party in Devon before his wedding to Kate Middleton.


8. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese international football star Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, enjoys bodyboarding and has shared his passion for surfing with fans in his autobiography, Momentos. He has also shared photographs of his surfing adventures on his social media networks.

The Manchester United footballer first revealed his passion for surfing on his Facebook page in July 2010. The media has reported that he likes to surf in the warm waters of the Algarve in the south of Portugal. A photo appeared to show him carrying a Manta Wingnut bodyboard.


9. Kim Kardashian

The American media personality, model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has been seen paddleboarding in Miami and bodyboarding in Mexico. One of the world's highest-paid reality TV stars, with a net worth of $1.8 billion, she posted on her Twitter feed that she was "so pumped to be on this surfing kick".

Her tweet was retweeted 102,900 times by her legion of followers. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star shared a video of herself wake surfing in 2020 during a family vacation.


10. Avril Lavigne

The Canadian singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne, 37, has been seen surfing on many occasions. First spotted improving her skills in the water in 2010, when she went stand-up paddleboarding in Malibu, she has also been photographed surfing in Hawaii.

The Ontario-born singer, who won her first recording contract at 16, has also been surfing in Australia, where she successfully surfed a 4 ft wave for the first time at Manly Beach near Sydney.


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