FCS II H4 carbon fins

  • The H4 looks and surfs different to any other fin. Precision Swiss engineering matched with a highly evolved template provides an unprecedented level of control and predictability at high speeds. The H4 is almost intuitive in the way it performs, when you initiate a turn the fins will work for you by supplying speed when you need it and then releasing at the ideal transition point. While the science behind the template, the materials and the foils are highly complex, each component of this fin has been engineered to create a simple synergy between the fin, the surfboard, the rider and the wave.

    The H4 has radically different side and centre fin templates, this creates a powerful fin set that doesn't compromise control or manoeuvrability. The side fins have a hatchet like tip for control and stability, the lower section produces maximum acceleration.
    The centre fin has an elliptic outline that reduces drag while offering a predictability of release from the turn.
    The foils have a thicker base with a tapered tip to regulate the release of energy during rail to rail transitions.

    * Precision Swiss engineered.
    * High Density uni-directional carbon fibre
    * Dynamic trailing edge.* Created using robotic automation with camera assisted quality for absolute accuracy.