Build your own custom board

The OM Boardbuilder is finally here! Customers can now create their own board from scratch. 

Boardbuilder is designed to provide our customers with a starting point: you can pick a model from our range to suit your level of performance and ability.

The amount of foam in your surfboard is referred to as the volume - this is an important element of any surfboard and should be carefully considered. If you are not sure about the volume required for your ability, the Boardbuilder has a volume wizard which helps determine your requirements.

Similarly, if you know what volume you need, the Boardbuilder will suggest models that fulfil that criteria. You can then fine tune it to your own spec, selecting fin systems, construction and the all-important artwork of your choice.

Once you have configured your very own custom board, simply hit the 3D button and see your creation from any angle. Have fun!