The International Surfing Association

Surfing is about to make its world debut on the Olympic stage - thanks to the dedicated campaigning of the International Surfing Association.

Nigel Semmens: Surfing Champion

Nigel Semmens, a champion surfer from Cornwall, has spent more than 40 years making high quality surfboards.

Skin Cancer

Scientists are warning surfers to protect themselves against the effects of the sun - as they are three times more likely than non-surfers to get the most serious form of skin cancer, melanoma.

Surfers’ Sunglasses: A Brief History

Surfers' sunglasses are an important accessory - not only as a fashion item but to ensure eye safety. Surfers are prone to eye problems, due to increased exposure to the sun.

To Surf or Not to Surf? That is the Burning Question!

There has been conflicting advice so far on whether people are allowed to surf during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wetsuits: A Brief History

Originally developed to protect divers while underwater, the wetsuit is an important piece of technology that was designed to fit like a second skin, protecting against the cold and hazards such as sharp objects and chemicals.

The World Surf League

It launched the first world circuit of professional surfing competitions, encouraging event organisers to choose remote locations with top-quality surf, rather than the usual well-populated, metropolitan areas.

Surfboards: Airline Baggage Fees

Surfing and travelling go hand-in-hand, with surfers often working their way around the most popular spots across the world. Even the casual surfer is likely to want to take their surfboard on a plane from time to time.

Surfers’ Paradise: Top Ten Waves

There are hundreds of amazing and famous waves out there and it would probably be impossible for one person to try them all!

Top 5 Christmas Surfing Destinations

It’s not too late to book a Christmas getaway at one of the world's top surfing destinations!