Surfers’ Paradise: Top Ten Waves

There are hundreds of amazing and famous waves out there and it would probably be impossible for one person to try them all!

Top 5 Christmas Surfing Destinations

It’s not too late to book a Christmas getaway at one of the world's top surfing destinations!

The War and Surfing

Not only did World War II help to spread surfing, it also saw the launch of a new generation of lighter surfboards.

Surf’s Up: Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands, in Norway, are known for their beautiful scenery, open seas and sheltered bays, making them ideal for water sports such as surfing.

The Surfboard: A Brief History

Surfing is a popular worldwide sport and according to the International Surfing Association, there are an estimated 23 million people taking part across the globe.

The Portuguese Man o’ War

The brightly-coloured Portuguese Man o’ War is a strangely beautiful marine creature - but it's also highly deadly and venomous.

Global Warming: The Tides of the Sea

Global warming is having a significant effect on our planet. The temperature of the earth's atmosphere is gradually increasing as a result of the greenhouse effect.

Surfing World Records

Surfing is a great sport that's highly competitive - so it's no surprise that the people who take part will often set and challenge records. The commitment and passion exhibited by surfers, who are taking on the power of nature and the oceans, make surfing into an extreme sport, which tests the limits of the participants.

Surfers Against Sewage: The Uphill Battle

Surfers are facing an uphill battle against high levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. Carelessly discarded plastic waste has been described as our planet's "biggest ever challenge".

Nicaragua: Surfers' Paradise

Nicaragua is one of the greatest places on earth to surf. Located in the Pacific Ocean and bordered by the Caribbean, Honduras and Costa Rica, it has an ideal tropical climate.