The Ever-Changing Coastline

We have been handcrafting custom boards since ’73.

Cold Water: Therapy for Depression

The power of the sea is a useful way to help people conquer depression, according to scientific research. Cold water therapy has been increasingly used by the medical profession as a therapy for depression in recent years.

Surfing: How to Increase Endurance

As a surfer, it can sometimes be frustrating when you want to surf, but your body doesn’t want to play the game. A full-body sport, it requires discipline, training and stamina.

Stars who Surf

Famous singers, actors, models, politicians and other public figures make the headlines every day for their work, but in their leisure time, they prefer to ride the waves.


The seas around Britain and Ireland are home to around 600 species of seaweed. These plant-like organisms are marine macroalgae and are widely found in coastal areas, often attached to rocks and other substrates.

Surfboard Storage: The Ultimate Guide

Surfboards can be costly, but like every high-value item, they can last for years if the proper care is taken.

100 Foot Wave

The beach resort of Nazaré in Portugal used to be almost deserted in winter - but now it's the global centre of big wave surfing.

The Jewels in the Ocean Crown

The ocean around the UK attracts a multitude of weird and wonderful sea creatures that would look more at home in the tropics.

Will Sky Brown be the Next Olympic Surfing Medallist?

Team GB's youngest Olympic medallist of all time, 13-year-old Sky Brown, who won the bronze for skateboarding in Tokyo, has spoken of her passion for surfing.

How to Protect our Sea, Beaches and Coastlines

We all need to look after our environment, especially the ocean. Protecting our sea, beaches and coastlines is of paramount importance to the future of the planet.