Wetsuits: A Brief History

We’ve been making surfboards since ’73!

The World Surf League

We’ve been shaping surfboards since 1973!

Surfboards: Airline Baggage Fees

Surfing and travelling go hand-in-hand, with surfers often working their way around the most popular spots across the world. Even the casual surfer is likely to want to take their surfboard on a plane from time to time.

Surfers’ Paradise: Top Ten Waves

There are hundreds of amazing and famous waves out there and it would probably be impossible for one person to try them all!

Top 5 Christmas Surfing Destinations

It’s not too late to book a Christmas getaway at one of the world's top surfing destinations!

The War and Surfing

Not only did World War II help to spread surfing, it also saw the launch of a new generation of lighter surfboards.

Surf’s Up: Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands, in Norway, are known for their beautiful scenery, open seas and sheltered bays, making them ideal for water sports such as surfing.

The Surfboard: A Brief History

Surfing is a popular worldwide sport and according to the International Surfing Association, there are an estimated 23 million people taking part across the globe.

The Portuguese Man o’ War

The brightly-coloured Portuguese Man o’ War is a strangely beautiful marine creature - but it's also highly deadly and venomous.

Global Warming: The Tides of the Sea

Global warming is having a significant effect on our planet. The temperature of the earth's atmosphere is gradually increasing as a result of the greenhouse effect.